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Health advisory service you can trust, with a peace of mind.
Don't Dodge Coverage is Veteran operated and was created from the same struggles you face every time you  are in need of professional services. We have been there and there is nothing worse than being bombarded  with vulture-like salespeople. We know how it feels to face harrassment by phonecalls and spam through email. We've all been victim of online sales predators who take advantage of someone in need. We decided to be the solution to the problem since we realized this issue was not going to fix itself. Health insurance is among the worst of these experiences with harassment ans spam. We GUARANTEE you will not be treated inappropriately when looking for our professional services!
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Discover A New Way to Get a Quote!
Speak with a trusted Advisor, not a salesman. Their job is to inform and educate throughout the entire process. Experience the Game Changing Quoting Process for yourself!
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Compare, Contrast, Comprehend
Have a plan in mind? See how it stands compared to the competition. Confused? Don't worry, your Advisor will walk through you through the whole process from start to finish!
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The difference is clear!
No Salesman! No Pressure! No Obligation!  Only the honesty and transparency you deserve!
Why choose Don't Dodge Coverage over the others?
Why choose Don't Dodge Coverage over the others?
Harrassment! Aggravation! Bombardment! These are just a few of the examples you go through when you apply for anything on the internet. Consider them Gone! We pledge to innovate the online experience so that the consumer has full control over the process. 
Some call it business insurance, we call it peace of mind
No Call Centers! No Pressing 1 for English!
The initial call will result in a lifetime experience. Your Advisor will be at your side for the LIFETIME of your policy. No more calling a 1-800 number to speak with someone who knows nothing about you.
Not convinced?
I don't blame you. The internet is a vicious place and i have learned first hand for myself!  Allow us to captivate your concerns and provide a solution to the problems!
Our Guarentee: 
  • No Sales Pressure - Isn't it time to buy on your own terms?
  • No Unknown Callers -You will know the contact information of the Advisor who will be reaching out. No more surprise calls!
  • Unbiased Plan Presentations - Insurance is not one-size-fits-all. Hear out every option for an informed decision.
  • No Points of Sale - Best of all... Your Advisor does not perform any money transactions. All transactions are done with the Insurance company of your choice!
  • Person to person customer service- Have your advisor as on speed dial. He/she will walk you through any claims process!
Avoid going it alone! Find coverage options with professional service
Avoid going it alone! Find coverage options with a Top-Notch professional service
Your advisory service will provide:
  • A sales Free experience throughout the entire process...
  • Education about each option to build a confident choice...
  • Lifetime support for as long as you need it...
  • A professional experience from start to finish...
  • A fresh approach toward getting insurance started...
  • A step-by-step guidance towards a plan tailored for you...
  • An insider view​ of newly released or hard to find plans...

The dangers of shopping alone
Certainly, you know a bit about health insurance. There are dangers of getting insurance without the use of an agent or advisor. 

Stop giving your personal information to a site who just sells your information to countless insurance agents! They make you believe you will get that quote as soon as you place your contact information on their website. 

We at Don't Dodge Coverage use state-of-the-art screen share technology. Don't have a computer, no problem. You'll be able to interact with us as we show you every option available via your smartphone. Don't take our word for it. Let us show you!!!

"You wouldn't go to court without a lawyer. Why risk your future getting an insurance plan without an advisor?"

The reason you get insurance is to protect your financial future. What would be the point of getting insurance that did not do what you need it to do. Avoiding the problem and not getting insurance is not the answer either. Trust the services of professionals that know exactly where you come from.

Don't Dodge Coverage... Embrace it!

Actual Experiences: See for yourself!
In our short time in business, we have change lives. It is crucial to be able to relate to someone elses story. Below is a Small Business Owner. His story moves me and i'm grateful to be apart of his experience! Feel free to check out Red Head Supports for yourself!
"Thus far we are very pleased with the process and with Davids attention to the details of our situation."
I have been a Policy holder with David since June 2018. Insurance had been a nightmare in the past. Getting on a policy that would protect my family and my employees while being a reasonable cost is important. David was able to make it an easy process. We recently had to put our coverage to the test. I appreciate David and his hard work making sure my claims were paid and benefits were receieved! Thank You!

Bradley - Employer
"My go to Insurance Guy!"
I've been working with David since Open enrollment 2018. He's very responsive when I need to reach out and always has an answer ready for any question I ask! He's always so willing to go out of his way to find providers or give us any policy reviews and updates.  There have been plan updates in my area and he had been prompt in ensuring I was receiving the best coverage for the best price!
Kristina - Realtor
Need a fast, no-obligation quote today?
Don't Dodge Coverage... Embrace it!!!
Our Service Guarantee 

  • Harrassment-Free experience without a bombardment of calls
  • Transparency from start to finish
  • Dedication towards getting you and your family covered
  • Peace of mind

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